A Watsonia man has controversially conceded defeat in his work footy tipping competition despite having only completed three rounds for the season. Mark Ploughman made the bold decision over morning coffee today, telling all workmates within earshot that he’d be claiming the $50 entrance fee as a charitable donation when he submits his tax return later this year.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his early white flag, Ploughman said, “It’s just easier this way. I mean, the first three weeks of the season have tortured me enough. If I go through 20 more weeks of this it will age me considerably. By calling it early, I can now just detach myself from the weekly drama, expectation, devastation and remorse.”

Surprised by this morning’s announcement, an anonymous workmate – and tipping opponent – told us, “Mate, we all knew he’d had a horror start to the year, but this is ridiculous. It makes me question him as a colleague. If he gives up this easily, how can I rely on him in the workplace. It’s unAustralian.”