A local community Facebook page has spectacularly disintegrated over a seemingly simple query about a Police helicopter hovering over Greensborough yesterday afternoon. The group, which will remain anonymous, spiraled into freefall yesterday after one of its members innocently asked if anyone knew why the helicopter was circling around the area.

While comments flew thick and fast after the initial question was posted, members of the group were shocked by the veracity of the pushback, especially considering that many of the posts in the group are of a similar nature. On member contacted The Watsonia Bugle today to express their surprise over the events, eventually saying, “I just couldn’t believe it. It was like a pack of hungry dogs going in for the kill.”

Coincidentally, as debate raged into the first post-daylight saving twilight, members of the group were no closer to ascertaining the important information regarding exactly why the Police helicopter was surveying the Greensborough area for such a long time. Do you know why it was hovering around Greensborough yesterday afternoon? Can you please let us know?