With the date for the upcoming national election being formalised this morning, the entire population of Australia is now bracing for more unsolicited text messages from Clive Palmer. Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that the election will be held on May 18, meaning that the election campaign officially begins today, despite an unofficial commencement a couple of weeks ago.

Considering that Clive Palmer has been sending bulk text messages to voters as far back as January this year, political analysts are expecting the United Australia Party to ramp up their advertising campaign over the next five weeks. One analyst said, “It’s like that meme, I reckon. Brace yourselves. They’ll be coming.”

The bulk text messaging is believed to be part of a double pronged approach from the United Australia Party, working in conjunction with loud yellow billboards that look like they’ve been designed by Palmer himself using an old version of Microsoft Paint. Will the campaign prove successful? Only time will tell.