While Spotify may have given us many wonderful things, one local music lover has claimed that it is also stealing that rite of passage for young people of walking into a shop and purchasing their first ever album. Belinda Jamieson believes that the younger generation is “really missing out” over this change to the way people access their music these days.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Jamieson said, “Once I get over that common older person feeling of superiority, I actually feel sorry for the kids of this generation. Walking into Brashs or Sanity to buy your first ever album was akin to getting your licence, or walking into a pub and ordering legally ordering a drink. Can imagine having that precious moment taken away from you?”

Jamieson also bemoaned the lack of genuine ownership of music these days. She said, “Anyone could hire a Porsche and take it for a drive around the block, but it’s not the same as owning one. My old CD collection is pretty much dormant these days, but it’s packed away in my garage, and just the thought of that makes me feel good. It’s a feeling of safety and reassurance. You can’t beat it.”