A local camping novice has reportedly Googled the term “Drop Bears” prior to an Easter camping trip this weekend. While self-described “city girl” Rebecca McAlister’s Google history over the last fortnight makes for interesting reading, her research into what she believed was a native Australian mammal was arguably the most intriguing of all her searches, leaving friends and family concerned that her naivety will adversely impact on her ability to enjoy her weekend away.

Confiding in The Watsonia Bugle about the true depth of her research for the weekend, McAlister said, “Look, everyone has been filling my head with stories. All I’ll say is that I’m glad Google exists, otherwise I’d never leave the house if I believed everything my dickhead mates have been telling me. Drop Bears? Very funny guys, everyone knows they don’t exist… in Victoria at least.”

An anonymous friend of McAlister contacted The Watsonia Bugle to express genuine concern for her friend’s welfare. The friend said, “She’s pretty naïve, I mean, we all know that, but I’m just not sure she’s ready to truly rough it in the country. Google might give you a technically correct description of a drop toilet, but it can’t give you a true indication of the smell that oozes out of those things. That’s real-life knowledge that has to be gained from personal experience.”

While the anonymous friend listed more concerns for McAlister, she did concede that her city-dwelling friend would excel at some camping aspects. The friend said, “If you need to know the best Insta filter to throw over a campfire photo, Bec will be the perfect person to tell you. So, I guess that’s one positive.”