A local man watching the new David Attenborough series Our Plant has been given a somewhat unwanted reminded of the futility of life. Documentary enthusiast, and Greensborough resident, Darren Reynolds had been looking forward to catching the series on Netflix, having already read a number of positive reviews about it online.

SPOILER ALERT: The remainder of this article contains spoilers for the opening episodes of the Our Planet series.

Less than half an hour into the first episode, Reynolds was left horrified as a hapless baby flamingo staggered through the desert, trying in vain to move its young legs that had been encased in salty residue from a long and arduous migration across a lake bed. While the scene quickly cut away to another habitat before revealing the fate of that doomed flamingo, Reynolds claims the scene will stay with him for eternity.

Despite that difficult beginning, Reynolds persisted with the series, including watching a polar bear snatching a seal cub within eyeshot of the cub’s mother. As Reynolds says, “That’s life in the wild, mate. Us humans have become too cloistered in our modern lives to remember or understand the survival instincts that animals use every hour of every day. Our biggest setback in a day is more likely to be an errant Uber Eats delivery driver than trying to steer clear of a pack of piss-taking hungry killer whales. We’ve gone soft, mate.”

However, that stoic position was tested in the closing scenes of the second episode when a whole bunch of walruses with bad eyesight unsuccessfully attempted to re-enter the ocean from the top of a large rocky cliff. The resulting scenes have left viewers across the globe traumatised, including Reynolds. Reflecting on the experience of watching that harrowing scene, he said, “It was tough, I’m not gunna lie. But, you know, it just proves that all life sits on such a delicate biological balance. We get so caught up with working our nine to fives, paying our mortgages, and worrying about the future of the Macorna Store, we sometimes forget we’re all just here on this planet for a short time. In some ways, life’s futility is what makes it so special and worth fighting for.”