The Diamond Valley’s most infamous anti-vegan has been conspicuously quiet during Melbourne’s vegan dramas over the past week, with her favoured Briar Hill canvas remaining untouched all week. As part of a nationwide action, vegan protesters brought peak hour Melbourne to its knees last Monday, blockading the city’s most prominent intersection to push their contentious cause.

Regular Bugle readers would know of Megan the anti-vegan, the guerilla campaigner who has painted numerous pro-carnivore slogans on a prominent domestic fence viewed by thousands of motorists each day on St Helena Road. So big was our coverage of Megan’s work that it made it all the way to such esteemed publications as the Diamond Valley Leader and the Herald Sun. However, the last reported rogue activity from Megan was almost a whole year ago, when she told the world that “Megs loves mince”.

While Megan has previously responded quickly to questions about her welfare, fans of her work say they’ve missed her renegade presence over the past week or so. One such fan, Damian Graham, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Of all the weeks for her to speak to her followers, I thought this week would’ve been it. We needed Megsy this week, we really did. A sneaky little slogan from Megsy would’ve eased the pain of being stuck in traffic last Monday for over two hours.”