A Watsonia mother is genuinely considering opening her hallway wall as an art gallery to showcase the regular work of her two children. Chrissie Donaldson claims that she is just waiting for permits from the council before she opens the doors to what she intends on calling “Scrib in my Crib”.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about her plans, Donaldson said, “I basically just got sick of constantly discovering these new works every week and having to scrub them off the walls. One night, as I was applying some more elbow grease onto a particularly stubborn scribbling, I thought to myself, ‘This is fairly abstract, but it’s actually not too bad’. I mean, have you been to the National Gallery lately? They’re not any worse than some of the things hanging up in there.”

While Donaldson refused to be drawn on whether any profits from her new venture would be going to the artists themselves, she quickly changed the topic by insisting that the new gallery space would boost the presence of the arts in Watsonia. She said, “You guys are always pedalling these stupid ideas, like that art installation park at Binnak, the Alf Stewart graffiti mural, and the witches hat on top of the toilet block, but I’m actually gunna make this happen, just you wait and see.”