A local father of two has experienced instant regret after taking his kids to the “Dinosaur Park” children’s play area at Greensborough Plaza, telling friends he’ll take months to recover from the experience. Brenton McAlister of Watsonia took his young son and daughter to the play area during a Saturday outing to Greensy Plaza yesterday, and was shocked at what he witnessed, experienced and endured.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about his ordeal, McAlister said, “Mate, it was super intense. It was kind of like what Big Brother used to be like. You know, grab a whole bunch of clashing personalities and chuck ‘em into one confined space. And that was just the parents! Haha, it was pretty much hell on earth.”

While McAlister put on a brave face during our interview, you could tell his experience had left lasting scars. He said, “I can’t say the misso didn’t warn me mate. She was like, ‘Keep an eye on ‘em. It’ll get pretty willing.’ But I was like, ‘Righto love, I’ve been in my fair share of sticky situations. I’ll be fine.’ But I wasn’t fine. It was a nightmare.”