A considerate bunch of Hurstbridge Line commuters have reportedly formed a support group for Mernda Line passengers who are preparing to endure the construction phase of a level crossing removal in Reservoir. Just one year on from the shuddering pain of buses replacing trains between Macleod and Clifton Hill stations, survivors of that ordeal are offering to help guide the concerned Mernda Line regulars through the difficult period.

A spokesperson from the group has told The Watsonia Bugle, “We just felt it was the right thing to do. Sure, there’s plenty of rivalry between the commuters of those two train lines but, at the end of day, we all face the same daily challenges. Things might get tense on those city platforms that we have to share, and occasionally some of us end up on the wrong line after a few too many Friday night drinks, but we honestly want to help and support our Mernda line brethren through this difficult time.”

Speaking specifically about this week’s Mernda line closure, the spokesperson said, “From experience, I can promise you that things will get worse for them before they get better. But empathy is a very powerful tool in helping people to confront significant challenges. And we’re here for every single one of those commuters. If they need help, they just have to ask.”

While the exact details of how the support group will function remain unclear, the spokesperson said that more information would be announced “very soon” and that “care centres” would hopefully be established on all city platforms shared by the neighbouring train lines.