Following the popularity of an Alf Stewart mural in the inner north, Watsonia is now reportedly petitioning to have a similar mural crafted in our suburb, with the promise of increasing tourism to the local area and bolstering our position as the arts hub of the Diamond Valley. As community support builds, attempts are also underway to locate the artist behind the current mural that takes pride of place in the trendy confines of Collingwood.

A spokesperson from the group “Bring Stewey to Watsy” said that the petition had started well, and they were hoping to secure at least 1,000 signatures before officially pitching the idea to the local council. They said, “That one in Collingwood is so good, and we reckon it would look ace here in Watsy. People would travel from all over Melbourne to come and check it out, and then they could stay for a coffee, or to sample our wide range of food outlets.”

Successfully lobbying the council with this proposal would be an important win for the local arts community, which has suffered multiple setbacks in the last 12 months. The spokesperson said, “It’s been a tough year or so for us. First the witches hat disappeared, then the Watsie arts reserve missed out and then, of course, the giant dim sim just can’t seem to get the funding. This might be a more cost-effective compromise.”

If successful, the group behind the concept claim it could be the beginning of something much larger. They said, “If we can get Alf over the line, the world is our oyster. Maybe we could create a series of prominent characters from Australian television. How good would a big Sergeant Tom Croydon mural look, or maybe one of Agro? It could really elevate our thriving arts scene to the next level.”