A local rebel has courageously consumed a cup of coffee after 6pm, boldly throwing caution to the wind and living life on the edge of her seat. Lisa Hannon made the reckless decision last night at a local eatery while dining with friends, quoting none other than Jon Bon Jovi in an attempt to justify her seemingly reckless decision.

Enjoying an early dinner with some old work friends, Hannon ordered the coffee while her dinner companions selected from the wine list. Nearby diners overheard Hannon say, “Why not? As they say, ‘Live while you’re alive and sleep when you’re dead’. Haha, Bon Jovi. Classic.”

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, after an unusually restless night, Hannon claimed the late coffee was not a problem. She said, “Sure, I couldn’t get to sleep until after midnight, but I don’t think the coffee is to blame. I just had such a fun dinner, you know. And then I started binge watching this series I’m right into on Netflix right now.”