A gourmet burger currently being served at an inner north eatery looks heaps cool but is actually impossible to eat in one piece. The burger has been a big hit on Instagram and Pinterest, but people who have actually eaten it are now flooding online forums with negative feedback. 

The burger is described on the menu as a “Homemade beef pattie from a responsibly sourced cow, paired with gently roasted beetroot extract, Spanish onion actually from Spain, placed on a bed of handcrafted retro iceberg lettuce mixed with artisan carrot shreds, and enclosed by a wood-fired sourdough bun baked from a recipe originally written by 18th century monks.” If you’re still with us after all that, the dish is essentially a burger that requires a detailed explanation to warrant the $25 price tag.  

The online feedback has been fairly scathing, in particular this comment by username “Food is for eating” who said, “If I wanted to eat a ball of minced meat alongside a piece of toasted bread and an overcomplicated salad I would’ve asked for that. The success of a burger lies in the mingling of all ingredients inside your mouth. As soon as you have to pull the burger apart to eat it you lose the opportunity to taste this success.”