News spread earlier this week about Elton John’s worldwide tour coming to Melbourne later this year, but one small fact seemed to be missed by the mainstream media outlets. While excitement built for the two-month tour of Australia, and tickets go on sale very soon for shows at multiple venues, in another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive we can reveal that Elton knocked back an additional show at our very own Binnak Park.

Despite Watsonia’s rising celebrity profile, Elton’s management reportedly rejected the proposal for a vast outdoor show at Binnak Park in mid-January next year. Organisers behind the ambitious proposal say they are devastated by the brutal snub, but insist that it won’t stop them from “aiming for the stars” as they continue their effort to lure a big-name star to the natural amphitheatre.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, one of the organisers said, “We’re shattered mate, we really are. I mean, he’s playing Hanging Rock on Australia Day weekend, so we just felt that Binnak was an obvious progression from there. Sure, we haven’t got the same track record as Hanging Rock or any of the other Day on the Green venues, but you’ve got to start somewhere.”

In one minor concession, the team behind the proposal said Elton’s management were gentle in delivering the news. A team member said, “They were super nice about it, so there’s that, I guess. That might help us to keep trying. We won’t rest until we catch a big fish!”