A local man has taken the somewhat extreme measure of wearing a cricket box around the house due to persistent nut shots from his toddler son. Watsonia man Mark Jones, the otherwise proud father of a 3-year-old son, headed to the garage last weekend to rummage around in his long-forgotten cricket bag after a particularly nasty blow to the nether regions. 

Since then, Jones has been slipping the box into his undies each morning when he hears the pitter patter of his son’s feet up the hallway, and just in time for the driving knee that comes flying at him as he son launches into the marital bed. While Jones takes the box out when he leaves the house, it goes straight back in as soon as he returns home.

According to Jones, he’d long joked about doing it before realising it actually made good sense. He said, “I played cricket for over a decade when I was younger, always wore a box when I batted, and I reckon I got hit maybe two or three times for my whole career. Whereas when I’m at home with my son, I cop at least three or four good solid hits each week. Do the math. Most are accidental, but occasionally you can tell he goes for an intentional shot. Now, with the box, I feel much safer and, if we survive this guy’s wild toddler stage, I might still be equipped to give the little knucklehead a sibling one day.”