A noticeably smug man has been systematically annoying all of his co-workers today by walking around the office and explaining how he’s about to enter 10 days off work for the cost of only three days of annual leave. Tim Wallace has reportedly come close to being punched in the face at least times already, but is continuing to share what he believes is a strike of incredible genius.

One anonymous colleague contacted The Watsonia Bugle today to share their disgust at Wallace’s behaviour, going as far as to threaten retaliatory action next week. The unnamed colleague said, “He’d been talking about it a fair bit over the last month or so, but he just has not stopped going on and on about it today. And no amount of eye rolls or conversation segues have been enough to get him to shut up about it. I reckon Anthony from accounts was about to get up and belt him but, luckily for Tim, the boss was walking past at the exact same time.”

The whistleblower said that the semi-clever manipulation of public holidays wasn’t really the issue, nor is the constant gloating, it’s more the fact that Wallace seems to think he invented the whole concept. The colleague said, “It’s like he thinks he invented the whole idea, like some kind of bloody genius. But he’s not. Far from it. He probably just read one of those clickbait articles at the start of the year, and was just lucky that he lives such a boring life that he remembered to submit his leave request form early enough to get approved.”