Plans have been leaked of a bold proposal to temporarily rename the entire suburb of Watsonia during the impending construction of North East Link. The construction of the much-needed project is expected to be so all-encompassing for our suburb that secret plans are reportedly underway to be called “Linkonia” for the length of the build.

While the drastic renaming of our proud suburb is sure to meet passionate backlash, a source close to the planning committee behind the project insists that it will happen when construction commences next year. The source said, “They’re pretty keen on it. We’ve warned them that residents will not be happy, but they are mega keen to do it.”

Rather than dwell on the negatives involved with the years-long construction of the major arterial, campaigners for the name change apparently claim that it will help locals to embrace the fact that Watsonia will now provide that important link between the Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway. The source said, “They acknowledge that the short-term pain around the suburb will be significant, but they reckon a temporary name change will help locals to celebrate Watsonia’s role in the project. I disagree. And I’ve said so in many of the brainstorming sessions, but nobody seems to listen.”