The gun-wielding kangaroo from Crocodile Dundee has reportedly been summoned to deal with the concerning reports that kangaroos are being horribly mistreated in Wollert, about 17 kilometres north of Watsonia. In recent weeks, disturbing reports have been made of dead kangaroos being discovered around the Wollert area, despite strict laws in place to protect the native fauna.

While the active encouragement of a vigilante mob of kangaroos might seem unconventional, local environmentalist and Australia film enthusiast Toby Tomlinson claims that arming kangaroos would discourage would-be animal murderers more than any laws will. According to Tomlinson, “Let ‘em loose I reckon. It worked in Croc Dundee, so why wouldn’t it work these days. These jerks need a taste of their own medicine. Let’s see how tough they are then.”

In the iconic scene from the 1986 movie, a bunch of unruly hunters get spooked by a gun-wielding kangaroo that gives the cowboys a swift dose of justice, openly firing upon their leader as he attempts to urinate in the bush. While Tomlinson conceded that his suggestion was extreme, he said he was sick of people thinking they can get away with mistreating local animals. He said, “This has been going on for far too long. Extreme times call for extreme measures.”