A local couple has reportedly commenced negotiations around the right time to drag the “winter doona” out of the cupboard and settle in for the colder weather. Rick and Karen Smith have ended two weeks of unspoken awkwardness in their household as they both came to grips with the harsh reality that yet another Melbourne winter is slowly wrapping its hands around our miserable lives.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Rick said, “It’s been coming, we’ve known it. Pretty much as soon as daylight savings ends we both know we’re on a slippery slope towards the discussion around the ideal time to admit defeat and get the winter doona out of hibernation.”

While that mutual understanding that the time is approaching suggests that the couple is on the same page, Karen said that that is not necessarily the case. She said, “Like just about every office in Australia, we have ongoing discussions about the ideal ambient air temperature and appropriate methods of climate control in our bedroom. I’ll be honest, we’re not always on the same page.”

Exactly when the fateful doona switch will be made remains unclear, but the negotiation is officially under way. Karen said, “It started yesterday at breakfast. Rick just mentioned it was a possibility, so it’s officially on the table now. If previous years are an indication, this will continue for at least two weeks before the change is made.”