A local Game of Thrones fan has controversially complained loudly about the quality of lighting in the latest episode of the popular series, despite having illegally downloaded every single episode so far. The fan, who requested strict anonymity, has been complaining to friends since yesterday afternoon when she watched the highly anticipated episode three of the eighth season, entitled ‘The Long Night’.

Seemingly ignoring the fact that she’d never spent a cent on the beloved series, the fan still felt like she was in a position to complain about the quality of the darkly lit episode that mostly depicted a battle that took place entirely at night. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, the fan said, “It was just not good enough. I mean, I couldn’t see what was happening. Why spend millions producing that episode if you’re not going to let the loyal and dedicated fans like me fully take in the action?”

While some online forums had suggested adjusting the settings on your television to slightly brighten the screen, the anonymous fan seemed to have missed that memo. She said, “You’re telling me that now? Too late, champ. That info might’ve been handy yesterday. Sorry, I shouldn’t take it out on you. I’ve just invested so much into this series, I feel I deserve better as it nears its penultimate stage.”