A packet of supposedly cheese-flavoured biscuits oddly taste like Dixie Drumsticks, according to one of our more sophisticated readers. Lover of all things fine dining, Luke Davidson contacted The Watsonia Bugle earlier this week to share his dismay at the culinary discrepancy, openly pondering the reason behind the mixed flavours.

In a wide-ranging interview, Davidson said, “Like many hard working Australians, I always loved me some Dixie Drumsticks, but my palate has evolved over time, to the point where I know purchase verbose biscuit flavours such as ‘Farmhouse Cheddar’. However, upon tasting those bickies I was shocked that in both flavour and texture they actually taste a lot like Dixies. It was terribly confusing.”

The odd and unexpected similarity sent Davidson down a slippery path of introspection, leading to this strange reflection: “It just really made me think, you know. I mean, do the cheese biscuits taste like chicken? Or do the chicken biscuits actually taste like cheese? Who can tell? And these big companies keep their secrets pretty close to their chests, so I’m unlikely to ever find out.”