One of Victoria’s main helicopter pilots has admitted that, when he’s bored, he often just circles around the Diamond Valley for an hour or so in the sick knowledge that his loud presence will send local residents into a frenzy. In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, we have spoken to the anonymous pilot who has revealed a variety of trade secrets.

However, the most damning of his revelations was his systematic airborne visiting of the Diamond Valley, due to what he described as “a more active than usual collection of Facebook community groups”. He said, “It first came to my attention a few years ago and, ever since then, if I’ve got some spare flying time, I fly across to the DV and just circle around for a bit. It’s awesome.”

While the pilot stopped short of admitting that he scrolls through the community reaction on his smartphone whilst still flying, he did concede that he always has a look “at some stage” to see what people are speculating about. He said, “Oh yeah, definitely. I always take a look at some stage. Some of the theories are hilarious.”