A ginormous snake spotted slithering across a road in Cape Tribulation is reportedly doing good things for tourism in North Queensland. A photo of the anonymous scrub python stretched across a road have been circulating on social media this week, with some estimates suggesting that the reptile was seven metres long.

While industry insiders have admitted that bookings and general enquiries for North Queensland had dried up a bit this week in the wake of the image circulating, they claim the drop is due to people quickly booking annual leave in their workplaces so they can head north as soon as possible. One insider said, “Yeah, it’s been a bit quieter this week, but I bet it’s just because people are busy getting their affairs in order so they can book their holiday next week. You know, people like to get their annual leave approved before they book stuff. The phones will be running off the hook next week, I guarantee it.”

In direct contrast to that optimism, at least one local resident suggested she wouldn’t be heading north for a holiday any time soon. Karen Smith of Watsonia, told us, “Not on your Nelly. There is no way. I knew there were some crazy things up in the wild there, but that snake has done me. Look at the way its beady little eyes are staring at the camera. I’ve spent most of this week researching a holiday to Tasmania instead.”