Local private school alumni are reportedly looking forward to enjoying a few boutique pale ales at the local footy, following news that the VAFA are considering relaxing their strict alcohol rules during games. Currently, alcohol consumption during VAFA games is not allowed until the final siren sounds in the seniors, but reports are circulating that member clubs are seeking a review of that long-standing rule.

Responding to the potential change, local man Benedict Fellows-McDonald has told The Watsonia Bugle that he’d relish the opportunity to knock the top off a couple of boutique pale ales at the next home game contested by his fellow elite private alumni. Fellows-McDonald said, “Oh golly gosh, that would just be super. Publicly I’ve always supported the VAFA’s alcohol restriction, but there’s just so many great micro breweries around now, it would be grand to down a few cold ones with my chums. Such times would be had.”

While any change to the ancient rule is far from confirmed, it would be a significant divergence for the so-called gentleman’s league where, famously, players are supposedly unpaid by clubs to play. That strict amateur status sits in direct opposition to the wild sums of money paid to players in other local leagues.

Regardless of those trivial specifics, Fellows-McDonald is excited about the prospect of a functioning bar at future home games. He said, “I wonder what they’ll stock. Obviously a decent range of pales. And maybe a couple of genuinely hoppy IPAs? I do love them. And I hope they have some decent reds tucked away for the last quarter. Especially once winter settles in properly!”