A local exercise enthusiast is upset that he’s automatically being framed as a creep following an inflammatory news article in this week’s Diamond Valley Leader. The article airs public concerns over the placement of an outdoor exercise station near the entrance to a public toilet block, and unwittingly throws under the bus just about anyone who exercises outdoors.

Living proof that you can never please everyone, the local council has now been forced to respond to the complaints via the media because the complainants went straight to papers before the more-logical option of contacting the council to discuss their concerns. Meanwhile, fitness enthusiasts across the local area are now being forced to check themselves before they venture outside to better themselves and coincidentally provide some relief to our overstretched public health service.

One such fitness enthusiast, Rob Taylor, told The Watsonia Bugle, “I use those exercise stations up at Binnak Park all the time, does that make me a creeper? This is ridiculous! The nation’s getting fatter and fatter, and we’re trying to put more obstacles in the way of people who want to exercise? Turn it up!”