Organisers of a local billy cart race are reportedly considering upping the ante for this year’s event, moving the course to Sellars Street in Watsonia North, rather than the current location near Kalparrin Gardens. While members of the organising committee behind the popular event are remaining tight-lipped, our sources are suggesting that in order to “really bring the big crowds back to billy carting”, a small faction within the committee is keen to introduce a much faster course.

While such a change would fly in the face of our society’s increasingly risk-averse nature, one of the renegade committee members is believed to have recently read entrepreneur Richard Branson’s autobiography and had been overheard telling people, “Screw it, let’s just do it”. Despite conceding that a faster course would require a raised age limit for the event, our source claimed that any loss of younger competitors would no doubt be made up attracting more adults to the race.

Sellars Street offers at least three rapid descents, with the fastest being the north-bound decline that ends on the corner of Hakea Street, which conveniently provides a small area of parkland that could be used for a large grandstand and marshalling area. According to the source, “That would definitely be the preferred track. I mean, imagine the speeds they could get flying down that hill? It would be epic.”