A beloved Aussie icon is about to become even more beloved, as chocolate blocks infused with Iced VoVos hit local supermarket shelves this week. It seems the age-old question of how to improve perfection has been answered yet again: cover it in chocolate.

The undisputed hero of local cricket arvo teas and your grandma’s house alike, the Iced VoVo biscuit holds a treasured place in our nation’s complex identity. While it keeps a lower profile than Aussie food heavyweights such as Vegemite and Tim Tams, the humble Iced VoVo has been a valued resident in local pantries for over 100 years.

The product’s arrival on supermarket shelves seems to be part of a larger focus on fusion Iced VoVo releases, with a flavoured milk expected to be available before the end of this month.

So, how does the Iced VoVo taste when broken up into small pieces and smothered in chocolate? In a word: delicious.