A local woman who can barely type a 50-word text message without making at least two or three errors has openly criticised the typo seen on the new $50 note. As revealed earlier today, there is a deliciously ironic typo in the new $50 note design that first began circulating in October last year.

Botching the spelling of the statement “It is a great responsibility” is likely to delight those with a taste for the absurd much more than the powers that be at the Reserve Bank. But it also seems to have angered 32-year-old Watsonia woman Kelli Owen who spent much of this morning walking around her inner-city office loudly stating “They had one job” whilst simultaneously waving around one of the offending notes.

While Owen seemed to enjoy the artificial boost in her intelligence, some work colleagues contacted The Watsonia Bugle to suggest that she was in no position to judge the typo. An anonymous colleague said, “It’s a bit rich coming from Kelli. Even with autocorrect on her phone, she can barely spell. So, there were more than a few snide looks given when she started parading that 50-buck note around and hanging shit on the Reserve Bank. Seriously, stay in your lane Kelli.”