The Main Street entrance to Greensborough Plaza has again made it into the top 10 passive smoking areas of Melbourne, slightly moving itself up the list to fourth place. The list, annually compiled by the Passive Smokers Union of Australia (PSUA), aims to provide “a quantifiable list of the best places in Melbourne to have a good old-fashioned guilt-free passive smoke”.

While the Main Street entrance to Greensy Plaza has been a regular inhabitant of the top 10, this year’s result is believed to be its highest placing, coming in behind arguably the some of the best passive smoking locations in all of Australia: Outside Marvel Stadium, the streets of Melbourne’s CBD during peak hour, and the fringe of the MCG concourse.

One regular user of the Main Street entrance claimed she was not surprise by the lofty position on the list. Watsonia’s very own Helen McLaughlin, told us, “It used to be touch and go between that entrance and the one were Nandos used to be. But now that Nandos is gone, that entrance seems to have lost its draw for large groups of smokers. Now the Main Street entrance stands unconquered. It’s actually disgusting. You may as well just cut out the middle man, buy a packet of durries, and take up smoking.”