An anonymous local football club is reportedly in talks with disgraced Rugby star Israel Folau about the possibility of a late-season cameo for them in the Northern Football League. The club, which we cannot name for legal reasons, is alleged to have been in contact with Folau over the last couple of weeks as controversy followed the cross-code sports star after a contentious Instagram post condemning, amongst others, drunks, homosexuals and atheists.

With news breaking today that Rugby Australia have terminated Folau’s multi-million dollar contract, the club is believed to have increased their efforts to secure the man who once played 13 AFL games for the Greater Western Sydney Giants. A source close to the anonymous club claims their president has been on the phone with Folau for much of this afternoon, consoling him and attempting to convince him to move south for the second half of our local football season.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, the inside source said, “Yeah mate, the Pres has been on the phone to Issy all arvo. I reckon we’re a chance. I mean, the big fella’s gunna have a bit more time on his hands now, and he’ll need to keep fit for any potential offers to go and play overseas. Everyone forgets he once played AFL. Sure, he wasn’t great, but he’ll do down with our bunch of no-hopers.”

When asked about how Folau’s inflammatory world views would fit within the club, the source claimed it might pose a few problems, but it shouldn’t be a problem. They said, “Half our playing squad are a bunch of borderline homophobes, so that should be okay. But the anti-drunk thing might pose a problem. Maybe we just won’t invite him to functions, things get pretty loose after-dark in the clubrooms.”