A prominent Australian beer sculler has sadly passed away, aged 89. In addition to the viral footage of his beer drinking exploits, Bob Hawke was also actually the Prime Minister of our great country from 1983 to 1991. While Hawke’s political achievements as Australia’s pre-eminent leader throughout the 1980s are significant, younger generations know him solely as “that old bloke who necks beers at the cricket every summer”.

However, Hawke’s beer drinking prowess stretched further back than a few recent plastic cup downings in the modern era. In fact, Hawke held a Guinness World Record for sculling a yard glass of beer in just 11 seconds, an impressive feat that he achieved way back in 1954 while he was a student at Oxford University.

This morning we went to Watsonia Train Station during the morning peak to ask a few millennials how they felt about the sad news of Hawke’s passing. Local 26-year-old Bailey Callinan said, “Oh, that’s real sad. That guy was heaps funny at the cricket, man. Just dropping beers down his throat even though he was old and all that. Legend, mate.”