One of the oddly placed baobab trees on Watsonia Road is unhappy about not being awarded this year’s Victorian Tree of the Year. And, before you ask, yes there is such a thing as a Tree of the Year award for our wonderful state. Here’s proof.

The baobab tree, one of three on the corner where the chicken shop is, claims its exclusion from the shortlist was a gross oversight, and ultimately should cloud any joy currently being experienced by the winner: a 300-year-old River Red Gum in Bulleen.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, the baobab Tree said, “It’s ridiculous really. I mean, I’m not saying I’m the best tree in all of Victoria, but I’m definitely in the top 10. Some of those finalists were just making up the numbers.”

According to the local baobab tree, its unique setting is its most votable feature. It said, “How many baobab trees do you see entirely paved in by concrete? We’re normally out in the desert somewhere waiting for a sunset to cast over us so some photographer can take a photo and put us in one of them calendars.”