A Watsonia man is currently talking a very big game ahead of a chicken nugget eating competition that will be held at The Pitstop over the long weekend. Liam Turner believes he has what it takes to be crowned Melbourne’s all-time greatest nugget eater, and claims he’s put in some serious training to prepare for the big event.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Turner said, “Yeah mate, I’ve totally got this. I’ve been training hard for the last month but, if I’m being totally honest, I’ve been preparing for this moment since I was a teenager. All me mates know me as ‘the nugget eater’, and I’ve entertained many a party guest with superhuman feats of nugget eating. Official recognition of my skills, after all these years, would be great.”

The Chicken Nugget Festival will be held this weekend, with the competition taking place at The Pitstop on Saturday afternoon, meaning that Turner now faces the difficult decision of whether to taper for the event, or continue to eat heavily in the lead up. He said, “It’s a tough decision, it really is. I reckon I’ll keep eating pretty hard on the nuggets up until Friday night. I mean, I don’t want me stomach to shrink before the big day. But then I’ll have a light breakfast on Saturday morning, then maybe even skip lunch so I’m fully fanging for a feed by the time the comp starts.”

The eating competition forms part of two whole days of events and excitement at The Pitstop this weekend. If you would like to enter the competition, or just go along to watch, jump across to The Pitstop’s Facebook page to find out more.