A local food blogger has claimed that “Madeira” is Portuguese for “a bit crap” after yet again falling for the temptation of cheap cake at the local supermarket. Geraldine Baker, who runs the semi-popular food blog entitled “Baker’s Delights”, made the questionable translation in a post published three days ago.

In reviewing the common supermarket offering, Baker said, “While Madeira Cakes always sit well on the appearance and affordability spectrum, the aftertaste leaves you in a troubling state of mild disappointment and acute regret. While sweet tooths and the financially stressed are likely to endure that aftertaste over and again, I encourage you to rise above that and vow never to purchase or eat a Madeira Cake ever again.”

While confusion exists over exactly how they got their name, Madeira Cakes are said to be named after a wine of the same name, which, in turn, was named after the Madeira region in Portugal. However, Baker disputed that in her blog, telling her readers, “Don’t listen to what Google says. In traditional Portuguese culture, the word ‘Madeira’ actually means ‘a bit crap’. Seriously, it does. I’ve been to Portugal, so I know.”