An overseas tourist with a taste for conflict has been grossly disappointed after turning up at Gaza Strip, Watsonia, instead of the better-known Palestinian Gaza Strip, all thanks to confusion on Google Maps. American Chad Nelson was Googling famous places of conflict across the world last year when he discovered Gaza Strip, Watsonia, on his Internet browser, and quickly added the location to the itinerary of his worldwide trip to visit modern war zones.

We first discovered Nelson’s ill-fated adventure yesterday when we spotted him walking up and down Watsonia Road, staring intently at his smartphone, and looking totally lost. When we asked if we could help him, he said, “Oh man, I just can’t believe it. I think I’ve flown halfway across the world just to arrive at the wrong place. See this map here, it says the Gaza Strip is over there on the border of Watsonia and Macleod, near that Gresswell Forrest place, but I’ve just been out there and it’s super peaceful, man. What’s going on?”

After offering a brief journalistic lesson about always checking your sources, we took pity on the American tourist and treated him to lunch at one of the many fine eateries on our main street. Despite his obvious disappointment at spending thousands of dollars to not see what he really wanted to, Nelson seemed pleasantly surprised by the Watsonia vibe. He said, “It’s not all bad, I guess. There sure are a whole lotta takeaway options here in Watsonia, and I saw one of them kangaroos while I was out at Gresswell. Hey, is it true you guys ride them to school and that?”