Darwin’s Mayor has exposed an alarming generation gap by officially suggesting that the erection of a “Big D” in his city will help to draw more visitors to the Northern Territory and gain greater social media traction. Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis offered his idea as leaders in his city brainstorm ideas to increase tourism in their area – specifically the concept of a new monument that could be leveraged for free coverage on social media.

While following Australia’s nationwide theme of giant tourist attractions was not widely embraced by the people of Darwin, concern has also been directed towards the Lord Mayor’s somewhat tone-deaf suggestion. Regardless of your opinion of large things, the otherwise innocent enlargement of the city’s first letter has an entirely different meaning, especially when prefaced with the word “big”.

Or is Lord Mayor Vatskalis in on the joke, and just keeping in-line with the Territory’s famously irreverant sense of humour, including that their controversial “CU in the NT” advertising campaign from a couple of years ago?

Either way, if you’re still not sure what the problem is with erecting a “Big D” to draw a crowd in a public place, you’re obviously on the wrong end of a nasty generation gap yourself.