While most of Melbourne was abuzz today with news of our city being approved to be one of only three global sites to trial “Uber Air” next year, one local man was only interested in whether mints and bottled water would be available on the short flights. The trial of “aerial ridesharing” will take place in Melbourne, Los Angeles, and Dallas, with an eye towards 2023 for a widespread roll out of the revolutionary transport option.

However, Watsonia man Graeme Daniels seemed more interested in whether complimentary mints and bottled water would be available on the flights. Daniels said, “Who cares if you can fly from building to building and significantly cut down on peak travel times, I’m all about the freebies! And I’m talking premium mints, man. You know, your Mentos and Eclipse type scenarios, none of them no-name brands. I’ll accept homebrand bottled water, but not the mints.”

Whether Watsonia will be blessed with one of the many “Skyports” to be installed across the city remains unknown, but self-professed “early adopter” Daniels said he’d be keen to try the new service; however, he has one condition. He said, “Will the little helicopter thingos have a pilot in them, or will they be automated? Not because I don’t trust a computer to fly me around the city, I just don’t know how I feel about asking a computer how their night’s been when I get on board after a night on the beers. That would just be strange.”