Yep, here we are, Sunday morning, clearly the most popular morning to eat leftover pizza. While debate still rages around whether to eat it cold or heated up, this morning is the peak time for eating leftover pizza.

The reasons behind this morning’s popularity are varied, but they tend to lean towards the key contributing factors of being either: a) hungover, b) lazy, c) financially crippled. In more than a few cases it will be a combination of a, b and c.

Whatever your reason, The Watsonia Bugle reckons you should just go for it. If you were smart, you would’ve factored this morning’s breakfast into last night’s (or maybe even Friday night’s) pizza order. For the record, we like to heat it up in the microwave and then chuck it in a sandwich press for a few minutes to get that extra crispness. Bon appétit!