Those weird door lock thingos found on many public toilet doors that don’t let you test if it’s actually locked have just won their third consecutive “least trustworthy design” award. Regular users of the lock have spoken about their stress at not being able to adequately check whether the door is locked before they take their pants off to do their business.

The award, announced last night at a small ceremony in Sydney, is not necessarily a coveted one, but designers of the lock are reportedly comforting themselves with the somewhat risky theory that any publicity is good publicity. A source close to the design team said, “While lock designers do tend to aim for trustworthiness as a general rule, we’d actually argue that our design engenders more trust in the user because they don’t even have the ability to test the door before they use the toilet. Therefore we think we’ll eventually become the most trustworthy lock in the market.”

However, users wholeheartedly disagreed with this inception theory. One nervous lock-checker told The Watsonia Bugle, “I hate ‘em mate, they’re a living nightmare. I always want to jingle and jangle the door handle just to make sure nobody can burst in while I go to the toilet, but with these bloody things the door just keeps opening every time I test it. I just can’t relax on the throne in that sort of environment.”