A local cyclist has offered to pay registration just so that angry motorists have one less reason to hate him. Previously resistant to the idea of paying rego to ride his push bike on the road, Leon Martin has recently had a change of heart, mainly just to call bluff on the age-old complaint of cyclists not paying to use the roads.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Martin said, “I doubt very much that me paying rego to ride on the road will change the opinions of the anti-cyclists. But what it will do is give them one less excuse to hide behind when they start going on about how cyclists are the worst example of humanity. So, instead of using the well-worn rego excuse, maybe they’ll just face up to the fact that they just don’t like people who are trying to ease car congestion, reduce air pollution, and be less of a strain on the public health system by not being overweight.”

However, Martin did mention at least one caveat for his generous offer. He said, “If I pay cycling registration will I get some kind of discount on my car rego for the car that I choose to leave at home when I ride to work? I mean, that kind of seems fair. I’m trying to ease congestion on our already clogged roads by leaving my car at home a couple of days a week. So what’s that worth to VicRoads?”