A local mum has spectacularly accused children’s television favourite Bluey of “killing off” Shaun the Sheep. Watsonia mother of three, Lauren Kallister, made the bold claim to friends over dinner last night, openly questioning how the young blue heeler pup can sleep at night “knowing that she has blood on her hands”.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning to clarify her position, Kallister said, “For years and years it was Shaun the Sheep before bedtime but now Bluey is the flavour of the month, so poor old Shauny has been kicked to the curb. ABC Kids have pretty much removed all evidence of Shaun’s existence, and I just can’t stand by and let them do that to such a beloved and heart-warming character.”

While Kallister conceded that her kids absolutely loved Bluey, and that the show “wasn’t bad, pretty good actually”, she remains angered by the way Shaun’s exit from our screens has been handled. Kallister said, “Did they have a going away party for him at least? Present him with a golden watch? That cheeky little lamb bankrolled the ABC for years, so they bloody owe him I reckon.”