A local sports administrator has claimed that the concept of “fan engagement” has reached its zenith in the form of middle-aged men standing in the outer at the current Cricket World Cup and playing rock riffs on a cricket bat that has been converted into an electric guitar. While different sporting codes across the globe have multiple conversations about attracting more fans to their sport, Roger Kernot believes that all those conversations should now cease – as the code has been cracked forever.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Kernot said, “Its brilliance is in its simplicity. Just a random dude, in normal clothes, playing electric guitar on a cricket bat. Haha. It’s awesome. Some of those riffs are really rocking, man.”

However, not all cricket fans are convinced, with others jumping online to criticise the game day entertainment that seems to just pop up at random intervals during the games being played across England this month. One such fan, Benny Lizzle, told us, “Can you imagine it? At some point, at some high-powered meeting, a bunch of overpaid suits have sat around a table and come up with that idea. And they’ve all just rubber-stamped it, before commissioning someone to make a whole bunch of electric guitar cricket bats. That stupid sideshow is everything that’s wrong with the world today.”