The small local hamlet of Yallambie is reportedly facing a drastic name change, and could soon become known as “Wherelambie” to increase its visibility in the region. Whispers have been spreading like wildfire out the front of the suburb’s small but vibrant Mini Mart, with a passionate group of residents joining together to campaign for the name change.

The self-appointed leader of this group, Ryan Matthews, contacted The Watsonia Bugle this week in a bold attempt to further the cause of the dramatic name change. Matthews said, “I guess we’re all just sick of people from other parts of Melbourne saying “Where’s Yallambie?” every time we mention where we live. This has been going on for years, and we’ve had enough.”

While, in isolation, a name change to “Wherelambie” would seem to do nothing about increasing the suburb’s visibility across Melbourne, Matthews claims that news of such an innovative new name would spread far and wide. He said, “Can you imagine it? It would make the national news, go viral on social media, it’d be huge. People would love it. Then I could finally stand proud when I tell people not from around here that I live in Wherelambie.”

Matthews also claimed that the group was expecting full support from residents of surrounding suburbs, based almost on entirely on the cult status of Yallambie’s McDonalds restaurant. He said, “Many a drunken night out in the city has been capped off with an enjoyable stop at Yallambie Maccas on the way home. It’s a Diamond Valley rite of passage. So, we feel like the people of the Diamond Valley owe us something. Vote 1 for Wherelambie!”