A three-minute wait at a Macleod railway crossing during this morning’s peak has caused a Watsonia woman to stop and reflect on the choices she’s made in her life. In between cursing her timing, and questioning Metro’s train timetabling, Steph Harris had a good hard look at herself. 

For the remainder of her 30-minute commute, Harris contemplated her current career direction, her somewhat dire financial situation, and the relationship she has with her mother. By the time she arrived at work, Harris was a mess, struggling through the remainder of the day. 

According to a local life coach, a short delay at a railway crossing is quite a common stumbling block for people running from their troubles. The coach said, “sometimes all it takes is a few minutes. Rage has already spilled into the blood stream due to the untimely delay, then you question why you left home one minute late to get stuck at the boom gates, and then, bang, you’re taking a long hard look at yourself. Boom gates really are a dangerous threat, but can also be a helpful catalyst for change.”