Residents of Watsonia and the surrounding area have been warned to brace for a mini heatwave today as temperatures are expected to soar to 17 degrees and potentially higher, as the current cold snap comes to an official end. Weather experts are suggesting that Melburnians take extra precautions later today to deal with the unseasonably warm temperatures, including keeping their fluids up and staying indoors near air conditioning.

When told of the warning, one local resident said, “A top of 17 degrees?! Jeepers creepers that’s hot. I might have to bust out the sunscreen. Seriously, that’s warm, but it’ll be nice to catch some rays.”

While that local seemed happy about the warmer weather, experts are still insisting that people take care this afternoon. One local meteorologist said, “It might seem silly, but when you’re accustomed to colder weather, a forecast high of 17 is definitely something to be wary of. Some people might find they are shocked by the heat, so we suggest slip, slopping and slapping, and to seek adequate shade in the afternoon when the temperature hits its absolute peak.”