A local man’s smartphone obsession has gone one step too far by now sitting down on the toilet to pee so that he can check his phone while doing the business. Dave Tomlinson made the stark admission to friends over the weekend, by saying to a group of mates, “Sometimes I just sit down to pee so I can keep checking Facey while I’m having a leak.”

While the admission was initially met with silence, the discussion eventually sprung to life and Tomlinson received a bulk of criticism above his social media habits. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, a friend of Tomlinson said, “Oh mate, we’ll be able to leverage this one for a while. I mean, we all have slight addictions to our phones, but geez he’s taken it to a whole new level with this stuff!”

When contacted for a response, Tomlinson was evasive at first before eventually offering, “I can’t be the only one. I was just brave enough to speak up about it. The boys haven’t stopped razzing me about this but I bet some of them are silent sitters. But none of them have the balls to admit it.”