A local dad has been making incessant jokes about an otherwise serious incident at a public pool in Greensborough this morning. Emergency crews were called to Watermarc around 6am this morning following reports of a chlorine leak at the facility.

The noise made by fire trucks and ambulances attending the scene sparked numerous Facebook community groups to speculate the source of the emergency, with many claiming the issue was a gas leak. Once he heard this, local father-of-three Lance Taylor started telling anyone who’d listen that, “Someone must’ve had a big night on the curry last night and had to answer an insistent call of nature during their morning workout, haha.”

While Taylor’s comments only elicited minor smirks and chuckles from respondents, he has continued to run with his joke throughout the morning. At last count, he’d told his wife and kids at breakfast, his mates on WhatsApp, the service station attendant when he got petrol, his friendly barista, and approximately 80% of his work colleagues. Whether he would continue with the line for the remainder of the day remains unclear.

More to come.