As the dust settles on yet another Cricket World Cup, retired Australian cricketer Shane Warne is reportedly upset that nobody in the media asked about England’s relative thirstiness after their World Cup triumph. While debate continues to rage about the circumstances of England’s controversial victory, it seems Warne is more disappointed by the media reaction to the win, privately telling friends that he’s still not sure about the England team’s hydration levels.

Cast your mind back four years, and Warne was widely criticised for continually asking the victorious Australian players if they were thirsty after they’d won the 2015 World Cup. Despite public criticism of his interview techniques at that time, Warne refused to relinquish his interest in the drinking habits of the Australian team, and seems to burn just as brightly this year.

A source close to Warne told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah mate, he’s still a bit cut up about it, to be honest. All he wanted to know was if they were thirsty. Is that too much to ask? He felt it was a fair question back in 2015, and he still does now. He remains genuinely interested in the thirst levels of the English cricketers, and he just wishes that someone had asked them.”