Following recent news that people power is being harnessed to unsolve the tantalising mystery of the USA’s Area 51, news breaks today of a rogue group intent on solving the ongoing riddle of what exists above Watsonia’s Liquorland store. Regular readers of The Watsonia Bugle will know that we’ve been long-time supporters of uncovering this mysterious room, so we’re more than happy to jump on-board the local campaign.

News has spread across the globe this week about the groundswell of public support for a civilian-led attempt to “Storm Area 51” in an attempt to “see them aliens”, with a Facebook event receiving over one million RSVPs for the planned action on September 20. But while the world’s news services focus on that bold attempt, local residents have quietly been inviting their friends to discover what sits above Watsonia’s favourite bottle shop.

And a source from the organising committee claims that the attendee list is climbing closer and closer to the one million mark. The source said, “Yeah, it’s growing every day. At last count it was at about 1,278, which is pretty good if you ask me. I think what it all comes down to is that the people deserve to know the answer. I mean, the secret can’t be held for any longer. We need to know.”