A secretive Watsonia room that has remained behind closed doors to local residents for decades has spectacularly refused to participate in this weekend’s Open House Melbourne festival. As locals continue to speculate exactly what sits above their beloved Liquorland store on Watsonia Road, this weekend will bring them no closer to solving the long-standing riddle.

According to their website, Open House Melbourne “facilitates opportunities for a city’s inhabitants to directly experience how well-designed cities can improve their lives, by opening examples of architectural excellence to the public.” With that aim in mind, organisers were keen to help Watsonians solve the mystery of exactly what sits above Liquorland, yet multiple attempts to open the doors of the mysterious floor were met with staunch refusal.

When told of the rejection, Watsonia woman Deb Gannon told The Watsonia Bugle, “I’m very disappointed. I’ve always wondered what’s up there. It looks like a bit grim really. It’s got windows, but it doesn’t look like much natural light gets in there. I always thought it would be some kind of office space, but there’s no signage, nor is there a separate entrance that I’ve ever seen. Is it Bugle HQ? I’ve always wondered where that it is too.”